How to update the browser on the status of an AJAX process

Websites with AJAX elements are a defacto standard on the web and have been for quite some time. AJAX allows you to run a request on the server without actually leaving the page the user is on, executing it asynchronously while the browser waits for a response.

One big problem with this is that if the process takes more than a few seconds, there’s no built in methods in the AJAX standards to receive content before the entire request is complete, so how do we let the browser know the status of the process on the server, if we can’t stream information to the browser using AJAX? We’ll be addressing this problem in this post.

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Product Attributes in Magento – A Beginners Guide

Product attributes in Magento are quite complex – with Magento using a fully realised EAV attribute system on the backend, there is a great amount of flexibility and customisation available to the website ownner when creating new products and product types.

Attributes are so core to Magento products that in fact, you cannot create a product without it having an attribute set. When you first encounter attribute sets, they may seem quite daunting, so we’re here to help you along the way.

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