Math and Science Art Series: Visualising Pi with a HTML5 canvas

I was inspired by a friend to do some art using the math/scientific world as a basis, so I decided to start with the classic: pi.

I’ll be looking at some different ways of visualising the digits of pi visually using HTML5 and the canvas element to iterate over the digits. If you have any cool or interesting ideas regarding Math, Science and Art visualisations, especially concerning pi and other interesting numbers, thenĀ leave a comment below and we’ll feature your thoughts or works in our next post!

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Creating a chroma key effect with HTML5 canvas.

First try at chroma key

If you have a video/photograph that has a plain background, such us you’d find if you used a green/blue screen or maybe on a plain sky background, you can create a chroma key effect. This is the same technique used by weather presenters and on hollywood movies to replace the background with something else.

We’ll go through some of the trials an tribulations of using this to replace the background of an image and even on a video. Continue reading “Creating a chroma key effect with HTML5 canvas.” »