Amazing world animation in JS, the 1K world.

I stumbled across this amazing 1K ‘Hello World’ animation today:

The source code is the most interesting part: you’re already looking at it. Try it out yourself, copy and paste the code, or just take a look at the source code yourself. Be sure to check out the other posts from this guy on his Minified JavaScript Craziness page.

All credit for this code goes to¬†Martin Kleppe, amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it, the source code is the animation!

Math and Science Art Series: Visualising Pi with a HTML5 canvas

I was inspired by a friend to do some art using the math/scientific world as a basis, so I decided to start with the classic: pi.

I’ll be looking at some different ways of visualising the digits of pi visually using HTML5 and the canvas element to iterate over the digits. If you have any cool or interesting ideas regarding Math, Science and Art visualisations, especially concerning pi and other interesting numbers, then¬†leave a comment below and we’ll feature your thoughts or works in our next post!

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