FIX Magento Patch SUPEE 6285 Access Denied using third party extensions

Magento released a new patch yesterday called SUPEE 6285 along with a new version of the CE (

You can find good summaries of the changes here or here.

This patch introduces some really annoying bugs though, especially regarding 3rd party modules/extensions. Basically, any third party extension that introduces Adminhtml pages needs a new _isAllowed method in it’s controllers that sets up proper access control layers for its functioning.

Any person trying to access anything to do with a third party extension that has a user role with anything less than administrator permissions will not be able to access those pages, no matter what permissions they have!!

I’ll show you how to fix those issues, particularly pertaining to the Ebizmarts Sage Pay suite.

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How to deploy a Magento site using GIT

There are many ways to deploy a Magento site to your server. Many would argue that a simple FTP upload is fine, while others swear by version control.

The problem with the version control + Magento combo is that, necessarily, Magento stores a lot of information about its state in the filesystem – this can lead to a lot of trouble if care isn’t taken when creating the staging and deployment mechanisms.

I’ll walk you through with a tried and tested method I use for the deploying a Magento site using GIT.

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Product Attributes in Magento – A Beginners Guide

Product attributes in Magento are quite complex – with Magento using a fully realised EAV attribute system on the backend, there is a great amount of flexibility and customisation available to the website ownner when creating new products and product types.

Attributes are so core to Magento products that in fact, you cannot create a product without it having an attribute set. When you first encounter attribute sets, they may seem quite daunting, so we’re here to help you along the way.

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